Tuesday, January 13, 2009

MiSS Concrete Jungle Moved!

Whewwww, two weeks into 2009 already?? WOW!

No drawn out explanations this time, here's the deal: Miss Concrete Jungle moved--literally!

::Thank Ya!!:: <--excuse me, I had to take it to church for a sec.

But long story short, on New Year's Eve I left my apartment in the Bronx and moved to New Jersey, and I'm so excited! If you've ever had at least a 15-minute conversation with me, it's likely you know pretty much the whole rundown of why I could not stand my old apartment and so the move was a big deal for a few different, and kind of corny, reasons. You know, bringing in the new year in a new place, etcetera, etcetera.

So I move into the new place with a bunch of posts related to the holidays, but up until three days ago I had no internet access (I guess my Dell decided it needed to familiarize itself with the new environment)! And then of course Blogger is blocked at work, so this break was forced and not planned. But the good news is, the writer's block is gone, and may 2009 be the year you get to know Miss Concrete Jungle on a more...hmm, shall we say consistent (?) basis!

Stay Tuned!!!

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