Friday, November 14, 2008

Where The Hell I've Been...

Geez, I hadn't planned to be gone this long and I feel horrible about it! Something is certainly in the works though, I can assure you that. In regards to where I've been, I'll say this--I'm a huge worrier, which turns into major stress, which ultimately suppresses my inspiration. Professionally, personally and spiritually things have been on the rough side and I'd rather not come off as the angry, aggressive black chick-blogger. I'll always keep it real, but angry and aggressive isn't me in real life. So I'm kind of riding things out and waiting on the stress to subside and for my inspiration to return. I don't want to promise and not deliver, so I won't give some bogus date, but I really, REALLY appreciate everyone who's stopped by and anticipated Miss Concrete Jungle's return. I've been working on something new to share that may end up taking this blog in a totally different direction, but I promise--I'll be back. Peace & Love yall!


javacia said...

I'm sorry to hear you're having a rough time. I look forward to your return. We've been missing your comments over at too.

I get writers block a lot too and I find it hard to blog when I'm going through stuff but sometimes if you just start writing whatever comes to mind on a page something good actually comes out.

Send me your email address to and I'll try to send you some other writer's block cures.


Perry said...

i was wondering where you were @.