Thursday, September 25, 2008

If It's Not One Thing--It's Another!

First off that is not a picture of me, lol, but boy, let me tell ya!
So after my little hiatus where my daily life just kept taking me by storm day after day, I've finally gotten the inspiration to write again. However now, I've got writer's block!!! As Spanish Harlem would say when he gets frustrated: This is blowin mine! Lately I've had plenty topics I want to write about, but the posts have been coming together in little bits and pieces yet not enough to pull it all together the way I'd like. I don't write just to write, I take this blog and my writing in general very seriously. So if I can't do it right--I'm a firm believer in not doing it at all. I owe you that much for taking the time to read (hehe =D )! So once again, please bear with me yall, let's pray that MiSS Concrete Jungle gets it together once and for all!

BTW--If it's the last thing I do, I will be writing my post on the Jazmine Sullivan performance I hit up last night..I HEART Jazmine!!



Ketuan.Baldwin said...

It's all about managing time and resources. I know that you are one of the best Project Managers the world has to offer.

Remember patiences is the key,
Ketuan B., MCTS

Mi$$ Rain Fashionista King! said...

Hurry up and post something!

NESHA said...

girl u took another break!?? ill be back tomorrow. hit me up bout events chick!


javacia said...

Come back! I miss your writing.