Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Minority Report 1st Volume 3rd Edition

I have a full blog post that I've been working on about Kwame Kilpatrick, now the former Mayor of Detroit, waiting at home on my laptop. But in case I get caught up cooking dinner for Spanish Harlem and I, then fall into a coma after eating, which has happened every night this week--hence no new posts, I wanted to at least write or post something about the fact that Kilpatrick left office today and is headed to jail. If you've been under a rock lately and don't know about this drama, hit up the Detroit Free Press that has more than enough info to keep you occupied until I share my take on the issue.

So at the very least for now, below is a video of Kilpatrick giving his resignation speech with his wife giving her man moral support (ha!). I think the video works but if not, check the link , because most videos are restricted at the computers at my job lol.

By the way, Mrs. Kilpatrick has darn good taste, because I own that same suit (I betcha didn't know I get that fly every now and then, lol). Until later, Peace and a Bottle 'a Hair Grease!


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javacia said...

I'm looking forward to your post on this hot mess of a scandal.