Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just Let Ya Souuulll Glowww 1st Edition Vol. III

Mmm...there are few things I enjoy doing to pass the time than listening to early 90s R & B I swear!! Today, it's all about Lo-Key--Where Dey At? That was the name of their first album, but nah for real, where are they?? Unfortunately their stint in the limelight lasted as long as it takes to listen to that record. Well actually they had two albums, with Where Dey At? debuting in 1992 and a second, Back 2 Da House, which dropped in 1994.

If you read my post on Cece Peniston from a few weeks back, you'll know that my mother used to belong to the Columbia House music club, so we had both Lo-Key records right along with all the other great R & B music of those days. I remember listening to Back 2 Da House a few times, but Lo-Key's debut is where it's at!

So, as I was reading the latest post on 90's R&B Junkie (all 90's r&b lovers, check out that blog!), which is written on another early 90's guy group, Portrait (I'll hit them up one day too), Lo-Key just popped into my head out of nowhere. Their jam 'I Got A Thang For Ya' is a 90's slow-jam that I'm sure no night at the club was complete without. I was all of 7-years-old when this song came out, so it's not like I really know, but I'm just sayin!! You know the words, "Here's a lil somethin that you should know, it's that I L-O-V-E"--Classic!

Here's the video below, and following that is another single from their debut I really appreciate as well, 'Hey There Pretty Lady'


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