Monday, August 25, 2008

Just Let Ya Souuulll Glowww...1st Edition Vol. II

Today's 90's throwback artist is CeCe Peniston. Gosh, whatever happened to CeCe Peniston! You remember her singing, 'Finally, it has happened to me, right in front of my face'...Homegirl could blow!
Both of her CD's that I remember Finally & I Thought Ya Knew contained both love ballads as well as a fusion of New Jack Swing/Dance music, which in videos the girls had real choreographed dance routines and danced so hard they had to wear knee pads. Oh boy I had fun trying to keep up with those videos...Since several of her singles were dance hits, there are probably hundreds of mixes of her songs out there, so I'm liable to relive my enjoyment for her music whenever I'm shopping in Express or NY & Co. When I was younger my mom subscribed to that Columbia House club that had the 'Buy 12 CD's for a Penny' gimmick, so you know we had alllll the latest R&B jams. To this day my mother still owns all of those CD's, and when I'm at home and in a nostalgic mood, I go down into the basement and play all the music I used to dance myself into a frenzy as a kid. CeCe Peniston's albums are at the top of that list.
Peniston's career was kind of up and down after her second album, I Thought Ya Knew, released in '94 failed to be properly marketed by her record label (a la Wikipedia), but her talent is undeniable to this day. Why do the good folks I want to hear always get screwed!!
The last I remember of CeCe Peniston was around 1997, when I got to see the stage version of "The Wiz," with Peniston as Glinda The Good Witch. The movie version gives me the CREEPS, and I've also seen the stage version of "The Wiz" when Stephanie Mills played Dorothy, but the version and cast which included CeCe Peniston is by far a great and the only good memory of "The Wiz" for me. She looked beautiful!
So, on to the music. The first video, "Keep On Walkin'" is my favorite of hers from her debut album, Finally, and the second, "I've Been Hit by Love," is from I Thought Ya Knew.

And I'm out this mutha!!!!!!!!

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