Sunday, August 17, 2008

'Belly 2'...Get Outta Here!!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the TV trailer for this earlier this week..Whose idea was this?? Did they think putting the 'Belly' stamp on it would make people want to see this straight-to-DVD crap?? Since when was 'Belly' a Cali movie about the Bloods and Crips?? I'm from the Midwest and even I'm offended by this, so I know East Coast lovers of the original 'Belly' are beside themselves..Any fan of the movie for that matter..It doesn't even make sense..I was watching a couple of the trailers on YouTube, and it's always referred to as a film entitled "Millionaire Boyz Club," not 'Belly 2' so once again I beg the question, WHOSE IDEA WAS THIS?? It's almost like right before it was advertised, somebody was like 'Oooh let's name it Belly 2!' as an afterthought. There was no need for a sequel, especially for this nonsense. Maybe, MAYBE I could see if the original characters were killed off in the movie--or even better yet, real life, but the ones who make the film what it is are all still living!! Maybe if it was Boyz In Da Hood 2 maybe just because it's a gang film based on the west coast---no wait, I even take that back, please forgive me---this just should've never happened! I mean for real, am I the only person upset about this?? In case you forgot here's the opening scene (U know u love it) from the ORIGINAL, one and ONLY 'Belly.'

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