Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hi! My Name Is...

I feel like I'm introducing myself at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting for the 1st time...I'm nervous as hell about this! Hi, My Name Is Miss Concrete Jungle, and as I usher myself into the world of blogging, I'm kinda bugged out--but ready nonetheless--the time is now!

So welcome to the Concrete Jungle, I'll be your tour guide..Allow me explain what you're getting into, because this is the Concrete Jungle for two reasons...
#1: I hail from the Midwest by way of Ohio and attended college in Louisville, Kentucky, so when I moved to NYC in summer '07, I'd never seen so much concrete and so little grass in my life! I kinda wish concrete was a natural resource on it way to depletion so that the city could truly be organic rather than some man-created look-alike, but OH WELL.

#2: With probably the most diverse melting pot culture on earth, NYC is a jungle (in a good way) compared to the landscapes I'm used to where everyone looks the same and real individuality is taken for a joke.

The blog is my take on the city and the world around me, as I journey through putting my stamp on American history (hehe, hey I gotta dream big) and epitomize my favorite quote: Hard Work, Second Effort, Dedication, Loyalty & Love (a quote I got from my older cousin/big brother when I was young and I never forgot it). The quote says a lot about me as a person and ALOT about what I've found it takes to make it in the Concrete Jungle, so it will apply to all my posts. This is a huge step and personal journey for me, so as I grow and develop, the direction of the blog may change. Until the growth process is complete, just bear with me, because at times the subject matter will be random and all over the place. Just always keep in mind Hard Work, Second Effort, Dedication, Loyalty & Love. That's enough for now, or else I won't have anything to write about!

Welcome to the Concrete Jungle...I hope you enjoy your stay!

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