Monday, August 18, 2008


Like I said in my previous post, I had some free time on my hands this weekend and welllll...I got a lil blog happy...can you tell? hehehe..I'm just excited to be writing again quite honestly, so I hope you all enjoy..I've already gotten some positive feedback from fellow writers/homies, so I feel real good about that. Just be sure to spread the word ya hear?! Cuz when I start gettin personal, I'd rather have some folks reading who don't already know my biz, or know me well enough to put the pieces of my biz together....Ha!

ANYWAYZ--earlier this evening I was talkin to my Southern Homieskillet, PictureMane, who is doin his thing with his photography hustle. This weekend he shot his first wedding (that means he officially OFFICIAL!), big ups to ya homie! I was all excited to hear about how the weekend went, but one particular event of the weekend really struck me as er--interesting.

So we all know that when a man (and a lot of women too) is celebrating his last night of Single-dom with his boys, strippers are almost always apart of the action. But what I hadn't anticipated was the fellas bringing their girls..ladies..girlfriends..along for the ride at the female's request! Apparently the bachelor party didn't discriminate on the bachelorette's, which is cool, but I'm sorry--you will not find me kickin it with Spanish Harlem at the strip club. period. And apparently when they all arrived, PictureMane said there were quite a few male/female couples already up in there like they were ready to catch a live jazz set or somethin, chillin all comfortable-like.

I haven't been under a rock, I've heard about females going to the strip club with their boos before, but I guess this is just a lil too freaky for my liking, especially kickin it with my man the night before his boy's wedding. I'm sure some guys get their rocks off on this kinda thing, but I want to hear from from the females--has going to the strip club with ya man become an acceptable date-night activity???

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Monica said...

GIRL!!!! Now you know I'm wild and crazy!! And very sexually open!! But I've gone to the strip club wit my man and loved it! He paid for my lap dance and I paid for his. Him watchin me get a dance from a stripper was a definite turn on for him. And although I didnt really like seein him lust after those other women, at the end of the night he went home with me!! (which was a great night lol!) I'm not sayin that a situation like that is for everyone or that you should hop on the bandwagon. To each their own. But I liked it, I had fun! N not to mention I was able to make sure he didn't completly lose his mind with them strippers!! Luv ya girl!