Thursday, August 21, 2008

Maxwell, Where Art Thou?

This past Christmas '07, Spanish Harlem and I were walking through the Queens Mall one night on our way to Macy's, (which is open for 24 hrs. right before Christmas..geez that would never go down where I'm from!) when I noticed a face that looked wildly familiar on a Gap ad. Double take, stop dead in my tracks and all---wait..Is that Maxwell?? Sure enough, it was in all of his suave, sexy glory rockin a fly pair of retro shades and even flier haircut--And I must say, I LOVE his new look. Preppy yet rugged, masculine--mos def a good look for Maxwell. I've never been a fan of men with big hair or braids as it is, but that's JUST ME.
So with the ad, I asked the question I know many of us want the answer to--Where the hell is the music Maxwell??!! We need you!!
Fast forward to Summer '08 and I get my answer: Just when I thought the Al Green tribute during the BET Awards couldn't get any better (Anthony Hamilton & Jill Scott Hel-looo), this man walks out on stage..I bout passed out..he sounded great and looked delicious.
And now, e'rybody and they momma are swooning over his latest performance during an event for the HollyRod Foundation out in Cali, that went down a couple of weeks ago. He performed "This Woman's Work" (of course), and lil miss hostess Holly Robinson-Peete was mos def feelin' herself, but I would've been too! Still no new music, but once again, he sounded great and looked delicious. Check the flick out below.
And Maxwell, if you're reading: please, please PUH-LEAZE tell me you're working on a new album! Because as much as I 'heart' "This Woman's Work," I need more! I welcome you with open arms!!!
Also check out my personal favorite Maxwell song from the Love Jones Soundtrack (oh yes!), 'Sumthin Sumthin Mellosmoothe Mix'...gosh even after a decade I could listen to it on repeat for a good two hours and not complain.

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