Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mini Transformation Part I: My Journey Into Locdom...

It's been done a million times, but it's hard for me not to discuss the subject of locs without including Lauryn Hill circa the 90's. As a young black woman who was a preteen/teenager during the years she was last popular (I say that because I hold out hope that she'll one day be fiercely popular again!), she was as awesome a role model as a celebrity could be. She was conscious; brilliant; she held her own in the infamously male-dominated hip-hop world (if not better than many of her male counterparts); she was fierce yet feminine; and of course she is dark-skinned and gorgeous. I must stop with the posthumous references because she is certainly still with us, although just in a much different capacity than what her fans desire. However I must digress as this post isn't solely about Lauryn, it's Part One of my Mini-Transformation. MiSS Concrete Jungle is locking her hair! I just happened to come across this pic of her and realized it epitomizes the type of woman I'd like become, yet it makes me miss the Lauryn Hill we once had. Sort of bittersweet...But anywho, yes I've decided it was time for me to loc my hair.

I've been wearing my hair 100% natural for a little over a year now, but locs were a style I always admired. I actually thought about wanting to loc my hair in high school, but at the time I cared about what others thought of my appearance. All it took was my mother giving me a look of disgust when I put "What if" and "loc my hair" in the same sentence, and the mission failed.

Then I'd decided I wanted to pursue a career as either a news anchor or news reporter, and being natural--let alone wearing locs (gosh that's a whole 'nother subject) was instantly and totally out of the question. I’m sure I could’ve pursued my wishes if I wanted, but I really didn’t have the effort in me and decided that really wasn’t the career I wanted anyway. So here I am now with a much different outlook and attitude that doesn’t care what others think of how I choose to live my life (huge victory for me by the way)! I twisted my hair two weeks ago this Saturday to start my locs, and already I’m so excited about doing something that is 100% for Miss. Concrete. Jungle. and no one else.

Check out my photo albums here:
This is where I’ll be documenting my journey through pics. Peace!

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